Green Summertime Picnic Plans

Green Summertime Picnic Plans

by | Sustainable Energy

Looking for a special way to celebrate the end of the summer holidays?  Wrap up some of your favorite eats and drinks, fold up a blanket and grab your best friends for a picnic! Picnics are a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of your local parks and recreational areas, but don’t turn your al fresco dining into an environmental mess with lots of trash and toxic materials! Instead, check out our tips for a green, summertime picnic.

1) Keep Bugs at Bay the Natural Way:

A few drops of some essential oils combined with water or vinegar and you’ll keep mosquitoes, love bugs and anything else annoying and buzzing from bothering you as you dine outdoors. While it might take a few minutes to mix, natural, homemade insect repellant doesn’t contain DEET, which is found in most conventional bug sprays. DEET has been known to cause a number of health issues and has a negative effect on animals and the environment.

2) Tote Wine Bottles Efficiently:

As enticing as those new, individually packaged wines may be for a picnic, all that packaging is terribly wasteful. Instead, grab a few of your favorite eco-friendly bottles and wrap them up in a table cloth that you can later use as a ground cover.

3) Eat Locally, Responsibly:

Enjoy all your local farms and small bakeries are producing now by shopping for your picnic ingredients at the farmer’s market. Food grown and sold in your vicinity doesn’t travel thousands of miles to reach you and therefore, doesn’t create unnecessary pollution and trash and won’t use as many natural resources as conventionally produced products. Farmer’s market meats, cheeses and eggs come from grass-fed animals raised ethically, without hormones.

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4) Carry It All, Carbon Free:

If you’re looking for a picnic basket to carry your organic eats, go with something lightweight and eco-friendly.  Baskets made from bamboo or willow are easy on the environment and much easier on your shoulders (as you carry everything to your perfect picnic spot).

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