Green Wedding Carbon Offsets from terrapass

Green Wedding Carbon Offsets from terrapass

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Planning a wedding, getting married…no matter how big or small the affair, it’s no simple feat. From selecting (and fighting over) the guest list and menu to arranging table seating and keeping it all under budget, planning a wedding could end up being one of the most complicated (and frustrating) exercises of your life! And if you’re concerned about keeping the event eco-friendly, that’s just one more thing you have to juggle. Or so you thought…

It’s estimated that the average wedding in the United States produces 400 to 600 pounds of garbage and emits 62 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. While there are some sustainable steps that will make a wedding less wasteful (click here for some ideas), it may not be enough to bring the day’s carbon footprint to zero.

There is a simple solution, however, to reduce the impact your wedding day has on the environment – the Green Wedding Carbon Offset Package from terrapass. The Green Wedding product balances out the emissions from the big day, and it supports projects that directly lower carbon emissions and preserve fresh water in the environment.

You simply input the number of guests you expect and then determine the elements of the wedding you’d like to offset. With three packages to choose from (Silver, Gold or Diamond), you can account for everything from the number of drinks per person to your honeymoon travel. Terrapass then calculates the unique number of carbon offsets needed to make your soiree carbon neutral. Click here for more details and to calculate the carbon cost of your wedding.

The Green Wedding Carbon Offset package also makes for a unique and thoughtful gift. The happy couple will have even more to celebrate knowing you’re giving them a cleaner, greener world in which to begin their new life together.

A wedding is the greatest public display of love for the bride and groom, and the Green Wedding Carbon Offset package is a wonderful way to simultaneously display our love for the planet.

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