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Green Your Move With 5 Eco-Friendly Tips

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Moving to a new home or apartment can be an exciting, yet stressful, experience. Before you start packing up your bags and saying your goodbyes, plan ahead and work to make your move as green as possible. Try some of our tips to help protect the environment during your move.

1. Pack in your own containers.

Remember those suitcases you use for family vacations or business trips? What about those empty reusable bins collecting dust in your closet? Fill up containers you already own before you opt into buying new cardboard boxes and moving materials. When you’re packing fragile items, such as glassware and picture frames, ditch the bubble wrap and newspaper. Wrap your belongings in T-shirts or towels for extra cushion – and zero waste!

2. Use recycled materials.

If you need to resort to using a few boxes during the move, do your best to find recycled moving supplies. Head to your local grocery store, recycling center and retail locations for free and previously used cardboard boxes. Also, some moving companies might offer box swap programs to encourage reusable supplies and help reduce landfill waste. When you opt for recycled materials, just remember that it benefits both your wallet and the environment!

3. Donate or sell items you plan to toss.

Before you put old or unwanted stuff to the curb, try to donate or sell items that might benefit others in your community. Charities in your area might accept furniture, clothing and electronics as acceptable donations. If you’re planning to sell gently used items try to organize a garage sale or bring your items to a nearby consignment shop.

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4. Make one trip.

Packing your car or moving van to the brim can actually pay off in the long run. Reduce your carbon footprint by transporting your items in a single trip to your new home or apartment. This way, you’ll conserve gas and spend less time on the road. Also, keep in mind that some moving companies offer energy-efficient perks, such as trucks with cleaner fuel alternatives and programs that offset carbon emissions.

5. Clean with all-natural products.

Before you say goodbye to your old place, make it spotless for its next residents. Only this time, clean up with green cleaning products. Some popular home cleaners and detergents are harsh and filled with toxins. Choose to make your own and use eco-friendly ingredients, including lemon juice, essential oils and baking soda.  

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