Greening Your Lawn for Fall

Greening Your Lawn for Fall

by | Sustainable Energy

As the lazy days of summer (sadly) begin to fade and the weather starts to cool, it’s the perfect time to begin preparing your lawn for the autumn and winter seasons.  But before you rush outside with your gloves and hoe, let’s review a few of Just Energy’s eco-friendly ideas.

Instead of raking up all of your fall leaves and tossing them out with the trash, save the leaves and lawn clippings for the compost pile. Shred the leaves, moisten them just slightly and place them in a compost bin. Turn them about once a month to keep everything damp and decomposing. As the weeks go by, continue your composting project by adding other kitchen scraps, and you’ll have a fantastic supply of lawn fertilizer in about four months. Your spring blooms will thank you.

With many areas receiving late summer rains, your yard might be growing at a high rate. Rather than jumping on your riding lawnmower, which creates as much pollution per hour as a car, use a push mower to trim the grass. Not only will you be saving energy, but it’s also a great form of exercise and it won’t emit hazardous fumes. When it’s time to gather all of those lawn clippings, use a rake instead of a leaf blower. Gas-powered leaf blowers can create clouds of mold, pesticides and allergens—hardly the type of clouds you had in mind when enjoying an afternoon outdoors.

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Watch your watering, especially this late in the summer, when it’s typically extra hot and rainy. Many people are guilty of setting their sprinkler systems to an automatic timer and drenching their gardens, regardless of whether there’s a tropical storm or it’s 100 degrees—both situations when you’ll just be wasting water. Install a water sensor so your sprinklers won’t turn on when it’s raining or your grass is already wet. And rather than running the water for a short period of time every day, try an hour twice a week to allow the water to better penetrate the soil. Your plants will grow deeper roots and tolerate drier conditions, once fall comes around.

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