How You Can Help Save a Life by Switching to Just Energy

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Why You Should Support

We are in the middle of a water crisis. Almost a billion people lack access to safe water, and over 2 billion people live without adequate sanitation. In developing countries around the world, people suffer from diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

In Indonesia alone, 27 million people lack access to safe drinking water and 51 million lack access to proper sanitation. One of these people is Uni, a widow who is raising her four grandchildren in the rural village of Rancalabuh.

Uni is unsure of her exact age but estimates that she’s in her 60s. Her husband died many years ago, and her daughter recently died of an unknown illness. Her son-in-law fled the village, abandoning his four children. Uni now cares for them.

Uni’s home sits up on a hill, just above a canal. The canal is where she gets water for cooking and drinking. It’s also where the villagers bathe, wash their clothes, and affix hanging latrines over the water.

Uni’s grandchildren are often sick. Her eight-year-old grandson was running a very high fever and had severe stomach pains. She knew that it was vital for her family to have safe water to drink, cook, and bathe, but she couldn’t afford to pay for a private water connection.

Fortunately for Uni and her grandchildren, was there to help. A microloan helped Uni end her family’s water crisis by paying for the construction of a water tap at her home. Uni is hopeful the new water point will yield safe, healthy water preventing her and her grandchildren from acquiring any more undesired, water-borne illnesses.

This program enables people in need gain access to safe water for their families. Now, through a partnership between Just Energy and, you can help, too.

What Is

844 million people — about 1 in 9 — lack access to safe water; 2.3 billion — about 1 in 3 — lack access to a toilet. is dedicated to changing this, empowering families through access to affordable financing and expert resources to make household water and toilet solutions a reality. is an international nonprofit organization that has positively transformed millions of lives around the world through access to safe water and sanitation. Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, pioneers innovative, market-driven solutions to the global water crisis — breaking down barriers to give families hope, health and the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

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Just Energy Is Partnering With

The community has always been at the heart of what we do. Just Energy is committed to sustainability and giving back to the planet and its people. That’s why we’re announcing a partnership with This partnership came from our desire to continue our charitable efforts and contribute to the well-being of others. We are proud to have partnered with an organization that works so hard to make a difference in communities-at-risk and support those facing hardship and crisis. With Just Energy and, you can help those in need.

The Impact of Your Help has already empowered more than 17 million people with access to safe water and sanitation. Charity alone is not a long-term solution. enables people to seek sustainable financial solutions and empower them with access to the water and sanitation solutions they need.

Millions of people around the world could get access to safe water in their homes with the help of small, affordable loans. While families like Uni’s are not in a position to pay for a water connection all at once, they are able to make small payments toward a long-term solution on their own. makes small loans possible for these families, bringing safe water to their homes immediately.

For more than 25 years, has been providing families with hope, health and the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

How It Works

You can help people like Uni and her family simply by making Just Energy your energy supplier. All you have to do is sign up for our Basic Energy Plan or Purely Green Energy Plan. For each month that you’re enrolled in one of these participating plans, you give someone access to safe water for three years. That means that if you get energy from us for one year, 12 families receive the gift of clean water at no extra cost to you.

You can make a difference. You can help save a life.

Click here to learn more about how you can help end the water crisis.

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