Hut Hut! Your Guide to a Green Tailgate

Hut Hut! Your Guide to a Green Tailgate

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  No, it’s not Christmas time—it’s football season! Time to don your favorite team’s jersey, dust off your pom poms and pack up those yummy tailgating treats for a pre-gridiron gathering! And just like your team that’s working harder to get to the playoffs (place your bets now!), this fall, we’re doing a better job of greening our football-watching experience with Just Energy’s top tips for eco-friendly tailgating:

1) Watch the Game at Home:

Skip the traffic and the parking headache and watch the game at home with some friends. You won’t add to the emissions burned by driving to the stadium, idling in traffic and powering your parking lot feast. By hanging at home, you won’t throw away all the disposables sold in the stands, nor will you run the risk of leaving behind a trail of garbage and waste.

2) Grill Green:

If you do decide to set up shop in the parking lot, make sure your grilling go-round follows our green guidelines. Elect a natural gas grill, choose reusable plates and cups and clean things up ASAP.

3) Drink Local:

The process of imbibing on Saturday afternoons is actually more complicated than it seems. Producing one beer or wine bottle demands many materials and a generous amount of energy, not to mention the water required to make the liquid inside that bottle. Further, most beer and wine is shipped from parts of the country (or world) that are far away from your local stadium or home.  Long travel times equate to huge increases in pollution and a much larger carbon footprint. We suggest buying brews from a local supplier so that your favorite beverages don’t take days or weeks to arrive to your koozie or glass.

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4) Get Crafty:

We love the idea of creating napkins and tablecloths from items around the house that bear your team’s colors and mascot. You probably have more than a few worn out or slightly too small t-shirts, sweatshirts, bandannas and scarves featuring your home team’s emblem. Rather than throwing these beloved items away, cut them up and stitch them together for a one-of-a-kind cover for that old folding table.

For more environmentally friendly tips and ideas you can put to use for your next tailgate and throughout the year, stay connected to the Just Energy blog and make sure to like Just Energy on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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