Introduction to TerraPass | Restoring the Balance

Introduction to TerraPass | Restoring the Balance

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Global Warming. Climate Change.  We all know the buzzwords and many of us are working to minimize our environmental impact and live cleaner, greener lives. But what about the unavoidable actions we take on a regular basis (flying in airplanes, heating and cooling our homes and offices, driving in cars) that have a harmful effect on the environment and contribute to climate change?

Cue TerraPass! Founded in 2004, TerraPass was launched as a response to individuals’ concerns over the environmental impact from driving cars.  In its first 12 months, TerraPass registered 2,400 members and they quickly grew to focus attention on greenhouse gas emissions from many industries, including energy and airlines.  TerraPass also expanded their reach to organizations and corporations who were conscious of the growing concerns of global warming and climate change and who wanted to reduce their carbon footprint.  In sum, TerraPass found itself in the enviable position of having products and services that were of great interest to many.

And what does TerraPass provide and sell?  TerraPass offers the resources necessary for companies and individuals to understand and take responsibility for their climate impact. Here are a few of their services:

1) TerraPass provides educational tools and resources, such as an online carbon footprint calculator. Individuals and corporations can use the TerraPass carbon calculator to reduce their environmental impact (also known as a “carbon footprint”) by pinpointing the biggest offenders in their activities and finding solutions to mitigate the damage (utilizing mass transit, a hybrid vehicle or EC, purchasing energy from green energy suppliers, etc.).  And for those activities that don’t have a carbon-free alternative, TerraPass offers the purchase of carbon offsets.

 2) TerraPass provides the highest quality Carbon OffsetsRenewable Energy Certificates and Green-e products to enable companies, both large and small, to understand and take responsibility for their climate impact. TerraPass provides solutions to create and achieve emission reduction goals that are part of corporate sustainability programs.

3) TerraPass creates, implements, and operates customer-funded emissions reduction projects at facilities such as dairy farms and landfills.  Learn more about their projects here.

4) TerraPass works with businesses and institutions to develop custom renewable energy solutions for their operations.

Across the United States, TerraPass funds projects that destroy greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy. Each project is made possible by the purchase of renewable energy credits and carbon offsets.

Since 2004, TerraPass has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals and more than a thousand corporations take responsibility for their impact on the climate, resulting in reduced greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

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For more details and the latest news from TerraPass, follow their blog:  “The Footprint Blog.” There, you can learn more about sustainable living and environmental news and information, including why it’s greener to stay in an Airbnb instead of a hotel and how you can make your kids’ school lunches with Mother Nature in mind.

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