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Your service contract changed. Nobody told you. Your electric bill went through the roof this month. And you don’t have any idea why.  Sigh.  Managing your utilities can be incredibly frustrating and tedious. Before you switch to a new utility service provider (again), consider a few ways you can be proactive in managing and reducing your energy usage. Here’s a few ways to monitor and stay knowledgeable about your electric bill:

Take Charge.

Getting a bill at the end of the month can be debilitating if you don’t understand it. You are the master of your energy usage, not the utility company. Eliminate monthly bill shock by following a few easy tips:

  • Learn about the ins and outs of your energy usage to see how you can improve your energy efficiency. Schedule a phone call with your utility representative to explain each line-item on your monthly bill.
  • Some applications provide a bill-estimator which allows you to project bills and budget accordingly. Analyze past data and plan your budget with ease of knowing where your money will be going months in advance.
  • Find out about local rebates or financial incentives to save you money and time. Many communities offer financial incentives for environmentally-friendly initiatives. Check with your local government to see which rebates you are eligible for!

Stay Current.

It’s important to know if there are power outages in your area that may put strain on your energy usage. You should also be aware of the age of your home appliances and how often you should service them.

  • Contact your utility provider to report outages in your region. Tip: Save your provider’s phone number in your phone for emergencies.
  • Set calendar reminders for home appliances for maintenance scheduling. It’s important that you keep your appliances up to date and serviced so you can maximize your energy consumption. For example, tuning up an air conditioning unit on a yearly basis will ensure that your air is flowing freely and efficiently.

Remember: Old appliances can drain energyquickly, so make sure to service them often or replace them with new Energy-Star certified appliances.

Go Mobile.

Many companies provide cloud-based solutions to manage your account from anywhere in the world. With the Just Energy Advisor App,  you can manage your account and track your energy consumption over the cloud and make energy decisions on the run. It will also advise on how to adjust your usage based on weather and lifestyle conditions or any local news reporting that would affect your energy usage. The Just Energy Advisory App is literally cloud-based so it will take into consideration weather patterns and user lifestyle to make recommendations for energy adjustments. You can budget for upcoming months using the bill-estimator tool and review and pay payments using a variety of methods. Finally, you can create personalized reminders to maintain your appliances and home. These are just a few ways you can take control of your energy bill. Download the free Just Energy Advisor App today on Google Play or iTunes App store and start saving energy today!

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