Keep Halloween Scary Sweet: Candy Safety Tips

Keep Halloween Scary Sweet: Candy Safety Tips

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How many times have you heard this refrain: “Don’t take candy from strangers”? And then what happens every year on October 31? We parade our children through the streets, going door-to-door, taking candy from strangers! Hmmm…

Let’s keep our kids safe this Halloween by abiding by a few safety rules and tips that we’ve compiled below.

1) If candy, food or snacks aren’t received in a sealed package, toss them! If it looks homemade or the package has been ripped open, get rid of it. You never know what might have been added to their treats, on purpose or by accident, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

2) Make your pirates and princesses wait until they get home to start snacking. Don’t let them have a piece or two while you’re still out and before you’ve have time to inspect all that they have collected. Instead, take some snacks of your own on the road or stop for dinner mid-way through the evening to ensure that no one has the munchies.

3) Depending on how old your kids are, inspect their loot for items such as gum, peanuts, and hard candy that can be potential choking hazards. Don’t forget that some people like giving out plastic rings or other trinkets that look like edible candy.

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4) Allow the kids to enjoy their treats in moderation. When you get home from trick-or-treating, allow for a few pieces of their favorite candies and stash the rest, to be doled out little by little over time.

5) An even better option is to offer cash for candy.  Many children will happily give up their loot (and all it’s sugary-sweet, cavity inducing, bad-for-you ingredients) for $10 or enough money to buy a prized toy or movie passes.

6) While you’re still out scouring the neighborhoods for sweets, your kids might be tempted to dart across the street when they see their friends or a house that’s giving out full-sized candy bars. Teach them great safety habits that include staying on the sidewalk near a parent or adult and to always look both ways before crossing.

7) Another way to stay safe this Halloween: make sure whatever face paint you’re using is safe, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly by following these tips we shared with you last week.

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