Last Minute, DIY Green Gifts for Everyone On Your List

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Yikes! We’ve hit the single digits for the remaining holiday shopping days. But rather then trek to the mall and struggle with the throngs of last-minute shoppers, let’s go the eco-friendly gift-giving route! DIY these green ideas for everyone on your list.

For Your Gal Pals: Homemade Lotion Bars

While pretty, the mass-produced, store-bought bath products aren’t so great for the environment. They come with excessive packaging and who-knows-what dangerous chemicals lurking inside each plastic bottle, bar or tube. For your girlfriends, sisters and colleagues, whip up these seriously simple homemade lotion bars. You can make them in your kitchen with four to five all-natural ingredients that you might already have in your pantry.

For The Men in Your Life:
DIY-Infused Eco-Friendly Bourbon/Whiskey

If you’re stuck on what to get the men on your gift list, spirits can be a great option.  But rather than wrapping a bow round a bottle off the shelf, create something special and homemade by infusing your favorite liquor with some flavors of the season. Here’s a great recipe for Winter Spice Bourbon. We suggest splitting up a bottle of Maker’s Mark, a surprisingly sustainable spirit, and preparing small batches of this yummy, warm treat.

For the Kiddos: All-Natural Play Dough

Here’s another classic gift idea that you can easily make in the kitchen with simple flour, salt, water and food coloring – play dough!

For generations, play dough has kept the attention of kids (and many adults) with the way it molds and folds and squishes and splats. Forgo the store-bought version, with its plastic packaging and shrink-wrap, and DIY a batch of this special treat for the kids on your holiday list.

For The Office Secret Santa: Pumpkin + Ginger Spice Granola

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful gift that also tastes great? Skip a trip to the store and make your always-hungry co-workers a batch of this dangerously delicious pumpkin and ginger spice granola.


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