Last Minute Green Summer Escapes

Last Minute Green Summer Escapes

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All good things must come to an end, and so it goes with summer.  As back to school and more work hustle and bustle is around the corner, many of us are looking for one last hurrah outside the typical “staycation” (which we love for all the eco-friendly reasons you can imagine!). Before the cooler weather sets in, hop on the road and get out of town for a last-minute summer escape.

Traveling can often increase the size of your carbon footprint, so we’ve searched up locales in the U.S. and Canada that feature eco-tourism, offering you a quick, green vacay.

Yellowstone National Park:

Perhaps one of the most majestic places in North America, Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons also make for an eco-friendly escape. Environmental initiatives from one of the park’s largest lodges include solid waste management and recycling, energy and water conservation, green building, transportation and retail, and sustainable cuisine.

Taos, New Mexico:

Beautiful in any season, the picturesque city of Taos during the summer will bring about relaxation in a naturally beautiful setting. The unique southwestern town also touts eco-adventures, organic farms, clean energy initiatives, green building and design and recycling programs.

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Whistler, BC:

This summer, visit the stunning, western Canada mountain town of Whistler for its spectacular surroundings. Stay for the sustainability efforts being made to keep the resort clean and green, such as an energy efficient building standards, the implementation of the Partners For Climate Protection Program, trail maintenance and protection, and a hydroelectric project that generates enough electricity to power the entire resort’s operations.

Toronto, Canada:

If you’re more of the city-going type, Toronto is the perfect pick for an eco-friendly, end-of-summer getaway. You’ll easily find locally grown foods, lots of green spaces (without any pesticides – they’re banned throughout the city), and most will get around town via bicycle, along designated pathways and trails. Click here to find out more about Toronto’s eco-tourism efforts.

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