Leftover Coffee – The Uses are Endless

Leftover Coffee – The Uses are Endless

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Some mornings you wake up and think, “Need. Big. Coffee. Now.” So you overzealously brew yourself a full pot and only drink a cup (or two!) of it. You could pour the remaining joe down the drain, which is slightly wasteful.

Green up your morning and reuse your leftovers in a number of ways.

1) Pour the remaining coffee into a pitcher or into a reusable, to-go cup and pop it into the fridge. You’ll have delicious iced coffee in a few hours or for the next morning.

2) Fill up an ice tray with warm coffee and create coffee ice cubes. Pour iced coffee (refer to #1, above) over the frozen coffee cubes. Even when the coffee cubes melt, your drink will still be flavorful and won’t be watered down, as with regular ice cubes.

3) Flavor your next batch of brownies with coffee for mocha-flavored delicious desserts. You can actually make a number of drool-worthy sweets using leftover coffee, such as chocolate fudge pudding cake and coffee Panna Cotta.

4) Now this is just genius!! Keep your buzz going throughout the day and make some caffeinated gummies! Mix up a cup of fresh brewed coffee, a tablespoon of butter, a tablespoon of coconut oil, a tablespoon of vanilla extract, five tablespoons of gelatin and some sugar for sweetness. Pour into candy molds (or ice trays will work) and let them set in the fridge. Now THAT’S an energizing sweet!

5) You can do more than just eat and drink your caffeine. After you finish your morning cuppa joe, take the rest with you into the shower and rinse your hair with room temperature coffee for super shiny, silky locks.

6) Get crafty with your coffee. “Faux-age” paper for your kids’ school projects (create an old-looking treasure map or make a replica Declaration of Independence look more authentic) by dipping the paper or parchment into a tray of cooled coffee. You can also dip dye fabric for customized khaki.

7)  And don’t forget the used coffee grounds!!  They serve as amazing tools around the house for cleaning and scrubbing pots and pans to hiding furniture scratches to making traps for cockroaches (ewwww….).

So whether your morning routine involves “Big. Coffee. Now” or “Brew and Go,” remember that the extras are worth keeping…for something!

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