Make it a Green Labor Day

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Sadly, the end of summer is upon us and before we know it, the warm weather will be history and we’ll be advising you on eco-friendly ways to celebrate the holidays and ring in the New Year. But before that happens, mark the unofficial end of summer with a Labor Day celebration that honors our work force, while also giving a tip of the hat to Mother Nature.

1) Labor Day wouldn’t be complete without a good outdoor barbecue! Propane and charcoal grills, however, can spell disaster for the environment, leading to global warming and eventually, summer temperatures that stick around long past Labor Day. Remember the green grilling tips we shared with you last summer: always use electric or natural gas grills when possible, avoid lighter fluids, keep your grill plates clean and don’t over pre-heat.

2) Take advantage of the end-of-summer growing season and pick up from your local farmers’ market the fruits and vegetables currently at their peak.Depending on where you live, in-season crops will vary. But because they’re grown nearby and without any unnatural “help” in the form of harmful fertilizers or pesticides, your produce will certainly be sweet and healthy for you and the environment.

3) If you’re still swatting away pesky insects this late into summer, you’re not alone. Enjoy these last days outdoors without getting eaten alive, but be sure to stay away from toxic sprays containing DEET. Opt for natural bug repellants such as citronella plants, oils or candles or try a homemade herbal insect repellant.

4) No Labor Day picnic or BBQ to attend? Perfect! Spend your day off prepping your house for the change in seasons. Switch out air filters, close AC vents in rooms you rarely enter, caulk windows and doors and finally install that programmable thermostat you’ve been wanting to purchase. By the time winter rolls around, you’ll see big savings on energy bills!

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