Eco-Friendly Event Planning

Making Your Event A “Green” Affair: Eco-Friendly Event Planning

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We all know that event planning can be stressful. When sustainability becomes a factor, it can become downright overwhelming. Never fear: JustGreen is here to guide you on the course towards carbon neutrality!

Wondering how to go carbon neutral for your next event?
Read on for our top tips.


Consider evites or online invitations instead of traditional paper ones, and offer your guests the option of online registration. If you must print documents for your event, be sure to use recycled paper and print on both sides.


While it may be unrealistic to ask your guests to bike or walk to your event, do encourage party goers to carpool or to utilize public transportation instead of driving. Budget permitting, consider providing a shuttle service for large events. Keep in mind that excessive vehicle emissions contribute to global warming – let’s all do our part to reduce the effects of climate change!


It’s amazing what can be accomplished by re-purposing! When putting together your decorations, keep in mind that thrift and consignment stores often contain hidden treasures.

Opt for re-usable tablecloths, and consider traditional glassware instead of single-serving/disposable table settings.

Select a venue carefully, and attempt to utilize as much natural lighting as possible.

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Hors d’oeuvres:

Opt for a local catering company or vendor that specializes in organic cuisine.  Providing organic fare will assist in reducing carbon emissions of your event. Some eco-conscious catering companies even offer compost services! Do some research to find a local catering company that values a low carbon footprint.

For beverages, consider serving craft beers or wines from a local brewery or vineyard.  And stay away from plastic water bottles, opting to use filtered tap water instead.

Clean up:

Recycle as much as possible! Be sure that recycling receptacles are readily available for your guests, and make recycling a priority during post-event clean up.

Our new JustGreen Lifestyle program has simple options to help you go carbon neutral. We offer three carbon offset solutions to fit different lifestyles. 

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