Eco-Friendly Fall Vacations

Planning a Fall Family Retreat? Eco Friendly Outings Across the USA and Canada

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Fall foliage, crisp autumn air – nothing better motivates campers, hikers and travelers to get off the couch and into the great outdoors! This season, consider an eco-friendly, family outing. Below, we’ve compiled some of our top tips and travel ideas for fall.

Fall camping and hiking:

There are a number of reasons why camping in the fall may be preferable to spring or summer camping trips, including fewer bugs and mosquitoes and lovely, crisp, temperatures. The Travel Channel outlines some great ideas for outdoor/adventure travel, many of which are perfect for the autumn season.

Be aware that hiking or camping in the fall requires some additional preparation and equipment that isn’t always necessary for those spring or summer trips. Temperatures will be lower, so be sure to purchase equipment designed for cooler weather (sleeping bags, tents, etc.). Additionally, if you’re planning a trip that involves water activities or sports (lake swimming, white water rafting, etc.), be prepared for much cooler water temperatures and plan accordingly.

Check out this guide to building a safe and eco-friendly campfire with minimal impact on the environment. Modern camping stoves make a great, green alternative to the traditional campfire, too!

Road trip vs. flights?

It may surprise some that a road trip is actually a more eco-friendly method of travel than flying. This is particularly true if your family owns a fuel-efficient vehicle. If your family doesn’t own a hybrid or electric car, consider renting one for your next holiday.  Car travel generally emits lower levels of greenhouse-gas emissions than air travel, especially when comparing cross-country trips. Be sure to carpool if you’re planning a trip with multiple families, and check out these tips via for the most eco-friendly road trip possible.

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National parks in fall:

Fall can also be a wonderful time to visit a variety of National Parks in both the U.S. and Canada, as there are likely to be less crowds, lines, etc. than in the peak months of late spring and summer. In our “Eco-Friendly Summer Getaway,” we’ve outlined some of the best parks to visit throughout the U.S. and Canada.  The parks are beautiful in autumn, and the fall foliage is absolutely lovely! A number of travel sites such as, and offer tips and suggestions for travel to various National Parks.

Fall will be over before you know it, and we’ll be moving onto the holiday season! Stay tuned to Eco-Centric for an update on the best eco-friendly holiday destinations and practices. Until then, happy trails!

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