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Save Energy and Watch the Big Game

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Last year it was in the beloved city of Houston. This year the biggest game of the year will be in the award-winning and LEED Gold-certified Minneapolis stadium. Both of those stadiums boast of their energy-conservation with impressive energy-savings systems. Over 66,000 people will experience a top of the line and 100% offset stadium in person.

And the energy savings doesn’t stop there.

Most of us won’t experience the bitter cold in person. We will experience what is predicted to be the coldest championship in history, from our living room.

You would think that this event would be a huge drain on energy, and yet experts have reported on average a 5% drop in energy consumption during the big game. The reason: most people are not doing typical Sunday afternoon activities that consume energy. Instead, they are spending the day inside with family.

Here are a few ways to throw an energy-efficient party and save (more) energy during the big game:

Pack the House (and turn off the heat)

The more people in your home will raise heating levels naturally. Consider throwing the party in the basement and turning off the lights and heating upstairs. Wear warm clothes and snuggle up on the couch with family and friends.

If you are going to a friend’s house, shut off the heat and unplug your appliances. Enjoy the game with the peace of mind of a low energy bill.

Use an Energy-Efficient TV

Your old TV doesn’t work quite right. Chances are it is creating a drain on your electricity bill. Treat yourself and consider one of these EnergyStar TVs to impress your friends and save energy.

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Recycle your Bottles

Once the game is over and you begin cleaning, it will be tempting to throw all of the trash into a garbage can. Do your part for the environment and separate recyclables into different containers. For rules and regulations about recyclables, visit EPA or your local government.

These are just a few ways to save money and energy this weekend. Have fun, be safe and enjoy the Big Game knowing that you are conserving energy.

Want to learn more tips about how to conserve energy, check out Just Energy’s learning center.

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