Seven Ways to Save Water Without Spending a Dime

Seven Ways to Save Water Without Spending a Dime

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Living a sustainable lifestyle often comes with some startup costs. While the lifestyle changes – switching to a hybrid car, buying disposable bags, installing a programmable thermostat and other green initiatives  – will save you big money over time, they often require an up front investment. 

But we’ve found one way to add some sustainability to your life without incurring costs! Conscious water conservation – at home and elsewhere – allows you to save money on your water bill and give some love to Mother Nature – all without an upfront expense!

Read on to see these simple ways to save water and money on home expenses without spending a dime.

1) Make the most of your shower: brush your teeth, too! You’ve already got the water running, you might as well capitalize on your time by cleaning your teeth along with the rest of your body. Alternately, if you leave the sink running while brushing, you could be wasting up to three gallons of water!

2) Many newer, energy-efficient buildings are now equipped with toilets that dispense a certain amount of water for liquid-only waste and a different amount for non-liquid waste. Craft your own water-saving porcelain throne by filling an empty soda bottle (or container of the same size) with water or sand (anything to weigh it down). Cap the bottle, put it in your toilet’s tank and your toilet will use less water the next time you flush. Water and money saved!

3) When washing your car, fill a bucket with water and then turn off that hose. Leaving a hose running can use six gallons of water per minute.

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4) Head outside, into your basement and under your sinks to check for any leaky pipes. Small leaks from a pipe or faucet can waste 20 gallons of water per day nd a large leak can waste hundreds – all of this impacting tremendously our precious water supply and putting a significant hike in your water bill.

5) No more pre-washing dishes by hand prior to putting them into a dishwasher! When we pre-wash dishes, we use more water than is actually necessary to get things clean. Let your dishwasher do its job and skip the pre-hand wash.  And for more water savings, make sure the machine is full before using it.

6) Do laundry less often so you’re only washing full loads, and avoid using the permanent press cycle – it’s a real water guzzler!

7) Keep a water pitcher in your refrigerator rather than filling up your glass from the sink. You’re guaranteed to have cold water on demand (rather than waiting for the faucet to deliver cool water), and you’re guaranteed to use every last drop in the pitcher, rather then letting extra water go down the drain when you fill individual glasses.

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