Shape Up for Spring

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“Sweat is Fat Crying.”  That’s what they say. Warmer temperatures, more hours of daylight, and the realization that it’s almost time to pull out shorts and swimsuits (that last one strikes fear in the hearts of many) mean it’s the onset of spring. It’s time to think about getting fit and what better way than to head outdoors to shape up (i.e. make “fat cry”)! Here are a few of our favorite ways to workout (no carbon footprint attached!) in the great outdoors and get your body in top form before those summer holidays.

Strength Train on the Playground:

You couldn’t wait to play on the jungle gym as a kid and you’ll love what the apparatus can do for you now! Perform pull-ups on the monkey bars, tricep dips on the edge of a bench and knee tucks using a tire swing. Check out this guide for a full-body playground workout.

Hit the Trail:

Whether you go for a long hike through the woods, a beachside bike ride or a sprint along a city sidewalk, spring’s wonderful weather makes hitting the trail a pleasurable way to burn the calories. Walk your dog, pop your kids in the stroller or just grab a friend for a high-powered jaunt and start logging steps towards your summer bod.

Splash Around:

Go for a swim, a sail or take a spin on a standup paddleboard (otherwise known as SUP) to shape up. The water is a wonderful place for low impact exercise. Even those initiating their fitness journeys or recovering from injuries will find the neighborhood pool, lake or river a friendly, impact-free place to get fit.

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Play a Game:

A pickup game of basketball, a friendly tennis match or a quick kickball game will make you forget you’re working out. Organized leagues start up during spring and are a great way to keep you committed to staying active. Or if competition isn’t your thing, getting together with friends to exercise a few times a week can be a healthy alternative to lunch or fro-yo dates. Plus, having to meet someone keeps the pressure on to stick to your fitness commitment and goals.

However you choose to stay in shape, take this change in seasons as your open invitation to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. You’ll look better and more importantly, feel better.

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