Sleep Tight, All Night: All Natural, DIY Sleep Remedies

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After a crazy day of work, hectic errands, a hurried workout (if you’re lucky) and a rushed dinner with the family, the last thing you need at bedtime is a restless night of tossing and turning. Fall asleep quickly and stay asleep with natural, green remedies that will leave you feeling rested and refreshed in the morning, without that groggy feeling you get with many over the counter solutions.

1) Spritz your pillow with a DIY lavender mist:

Studies have shown that the scent of lavender reduces feelings of anxiety and insomnia by about 20 percent. Create a serene setting by combining a bit of witch hazel, filtered water, and a few drops of lavender essential oil in a small glass spray bottle (here’s the full recipe). Shake it up and spritz your pillow and sheets for an all-natural, restful night of Zzzs.

2) Make your own sleepy-time tea:

A few funky, organic ingredients (chamomile, oat straw, valerian, hop flowers and passion flower) brewed together provide relief to the nervous system, deliver balance, bring about a sense of calm, and induce relaxation and deep sleep. Check out this recipe for an all-natural, herbal, bedtime tea. Enjoy the tea 30 minutes before getting into your lavender-scented sheets for all-natural night of snoozes.

3) Mix up a sleep salve for sweet dreams and soft feet.

Combine coconut oil, grape seed oil, beeswax, lavender essential oil and cedar wood essential oil and mix together until you have a creamy balm. Rub the concoction on the soles of your feet to help you drift off. Not only will you awake refreshed, but your tootsies will also be smooth and moisturized from the healing coconut oil.

4) Take a warm, aromatherapy bath: 

A bath before bed has been shown to quickly bring down your body temperature, which will help you relax and also supports a deep sleep. Add to the calming experience with some DIY bath bombs that soak away stress and leave your skin silky smooth. Citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, almond or sunflower oil, and essential oils of your choosing fizz when wet and help ease all those aches and pains and put you on the path to dreamy sleep. Here are three options for your customizable, eco-friendly bath bombs.


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