Spring Cleaning – Recycle and Sell

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Go on…you can tell us.  Are you Type-A, tidy and organized? Or do you keep Every. Single. Thing. thinking that one day it will come in handy?  Perhaps you fall somewhere in the middle?

All it takes is a quick once-over of your surroundings (office, closets, kitchen cabinets, playrooms, garage, etc.) and you’ll likely notice a host of things you no longer use, wear or need.  For the borderline hoarders out there, you might need a serious heart-to-heart with yourself, but we’re here to tell you, you’ll feel much better (and lighter) letting go of those items you never wear (neon yellow crop tops that really WON’T come back in style) or use (yeah, that “ThighMaster” is going). But instead of throwing away these unwanted items and having them end up polluting a landfill, there are a few ways to recycle and sell what’s no longer needed.

In keeping with recent themes on the Just Energy blog (see our last two posts on spring cleaning and green cleaning), we’ve got a few tips to turn your refuse into something of value for someone else.


Ah-ha!! Seems like there’s a new model of your smartphone, tablet, computer, and even kitchen appliance coming out every other week. The desire for the latest and greatest tech products contributes to massive electronic waste. But the truth is that all these items can and should be properly recycled. Click here to find out more about e-waste recycling programs in Canada and similar initiatives in the U.S. You can also turn your old electronics into cash. Several companies will cut you a check or send you a gift card in exchange for your slightly older devices.

Old Clothing

As with your old electronics, clothing items that no longer fit, are out of style, or just aren’t being worn often have plenty of life left in them. A number of companies will help sell your clothing and accessories online, and local, second-hand stores and consignment shops will hand over cash for your unwanted goods. For all those items you can’t sell, non-profit organizations such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill (along with a slew of others) always accept clothing donations and they’ll even give you a receipt for a tax write-off.

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Books & Magazines

These are two items that inevitably end up in the “toss” pile during a good cleaning binge. Magazines are easily recyclable – just pop them into your municipal recycling bin and they’ll be hauled off and made use of. Books that are in good condition can be resold. Amazon and eBay are great reselling platforms, and check out BookScouter.com for selling old textbooks. Books can also be recycled or you can donate them to local libraries, schools and shelters. Here are a few guidelines for properly recycling or donating old books.

These last weeks on our blog, we’ve helped you declutter, green your clean and now recycle. What’s next? Stay tuned here for the latest green living tips, information and ideas.  Check back next week (and every week!) for a new post. You can also keep in touch on our Facebook and Twitter feeds so you never miss the latest and greatest eco-friendly news and updates.

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