Spring Cleaning | Spring Greening For Home

Spring Cleaning, Spring Greening For Home

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After enduring so many painfully cold, snowy, sleety, icy storms this winter, spring cleaning— really, spring anything— is music to the ears of many. But before you thaw out and throw away anything even remotely related to a sweater, take into consideration the following spring cleaning, home greening tips.

Fight the Urge to Purge

As soon as the weather breaks, we can’t wait to excavate our warm weather wear. Next comes the urge to purge winter’s sweaters and jackets and last season’s summer clothes (that either don’t fit, have gone out of style, etc.) to make room for new items. Before throwing away your entire wardrobe, think on it for a while. There may be things in your toss pile that can be reused (maybe a trip to the tailor for some alterations is due), exchanged with friends, or at least donated to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. The same goes for housewares, toys, electronics, sports equipment and evenfurniture that you or your family may not need, use or want any longer.

Air It Out

Your home has probably been sealed up all winter (and it probably saved you a lot of energy), so as the mercury ascends, open your doors and windows to air out your living space. Plug in a few fans in places such as hallways and stairs to circulate fresh air and improve your home’s air quality.Sock UpRemember all those old socks you were thinking about donating in your spring cleaning purge? Keep a pair or two around— they make great dusting cloths and are much better for the environment than the throw-away dusters.

Go Au Naturale

Once you’ve reduced your home’s clutter, aired out your stuffy rooms and dusted off your surfaces, give your home a good scrubbing using all natural and non-toxic cleansers and products that won’t harm the environment or produce excess waste. Use these products (that you may already have in your pantry) to clean countertops, bathroom tile, wood floors, toilets and even windows: distilled white vinegar, baking soda, olive oil, liquid castile soap, lemon and Borax. Here are a few homemade cleaning product recipes to make your spring cleaning, green cleaning.

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