An Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day

Sustainable Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day

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We’ve all asked favors of her and relied on her unconditional support and love. So when Mother’s Day comes around, it’s high time you show some serious appreciation for mom and all the other supportive, loving women in your life, including our Mother Earth!

Whether you’ll be there when she wakes up or will check in with her via FaceTime, here are our favorite eco-friendly Mother’s Day ideas that are sure to put a smile on your mom’s face while keeping your carbon footprint especially small.

  1. Breakfast in Bed (or Brunch at Home): You may not be there right when mom wakes up to bring her a tray of chocolate chip pancakes and a hand-colored card (like when you were a kid), so invite the family over for brunch (here are some stellar recipes to try!) to celebrate and honor your favorite lady. Seek out organic, natural ingredients and shop for fresh items at your local farmer’s market to keep the meal low on the carbon scale and high on deliciousness.
  2. Create an Herb Garden: The start of spring is the perfect time to get mom’s garden off to a healthy start. Gather all the materials you need for a DIY herb garden (click here for 20 ways to create your own) and pick out your mom’s favorite varieties, depending on whether she likes to top her pizza with fresh basil, add mint to her tea, or garnish a margarita with cilantro!
  3. Send Her Flowers: Flowers are never a bad idea, except when said flowers have to travel long distances to get to your mom, with tons of carbon dioxide emitted in transit. Before you fill out that online flower order form, seek out a company that sustainably sources its blooms. For fresh, eco-friendly ideas, look to Terrafolia in Canada and Organic Bouquet in the US, which also participates in carbon offset programs – win, win, win!
  4. Arrange an Eco-Experience: While mom would certainly be pleased to receive something special on Sunday, what most moms want is to spend time with their families. Arrange a day (on Mother’s Day or for a date in the future) to share time together hiking, biking, cooking a meal, walking the beach or enjoying a night watching movies or playing cards.  There are so many fun, eco-friendly ways to spend quality time with those most important to us.

On May 14, you’ll likely dedicate your time to showing love for your mom, but you can show your love for the environment everyday by following the Just Energy Eco-Centric Blog, where you’ll find more eco-friendly lifestyle tips and information.  And for more ideas and ways to celebrate the rest of spring’s festivities in sustainable style, make sure to like Just Energy on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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