Sustainable Summer Holiday Travel Tips

Sustainable Summer Holiday Travel Tips

by | Sustainable Energy

Summer is only a few weeks away, so it’s the perfect time to begin planning your sustainable holiday!  No matter where you go, how you get there or what you do upon arrival, the following tips will keep your itinerary green.

The most eco-friendly way to get to your destination of choice is to hop in a hybrid or electric car and drive the distance. If your route requires more mileage than you’re willing or able to drive, consider taking the bus or train, rather than opting for air travel.  Flying emits three to seven times more greenhouse gases than shared road or rail travel.

However, if you must travel by plane, make your trek more environmentally efficient by purchasing your ticket on a larger plane (they consume less fuel per capacity pound-mile than their smaller counterparts) with more economy class seats (more people per flight equates to fewer total flights), more filled seats and on a non-stop itinerary. Planes use the most fuel at take off, so the fewer connections you make, the fewer greenhouse gas emissions are produced.

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If you’re debating your holiday destination, we suggest an eco-tour: outdoorsy adventures that won’t leave traces on the environment and that educate visitors on preservation and conservation efforts in the world around them.

Better yet, save some cash and take a stay-cation. Hang out in your hometown but explore it like a tourist:  check out a museum you haven’t been to, wait in line at that tourist trap restaurant you always pass up or catch a summer baseball game. You’ll only make a tiny environmental impact by traveling to a location that’s close to home.

Whether you travel to a far away place or explore your nearby surroundings, don’t forget about the green practices you keep when you’re not on vacation. Walk and bike when you can, be on the look out for recycling bins, take along a refillable water bottle and eat local and organic as often as possible.

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