The Greening of Christmas: Why and How To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

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We know the idea of taking down the Christmas tree is a sad one, signifying the end of the holiday season and all the merriment that comes with it.  But sooner or later, the lovely Tannenbaum is going to have to go.

And the way we see it, you have three options: 1) you could let your tree stand in your living room until it dries up and the needles and branches start to fall off into one big mess, 2) toss it in the front yard with the rest of your holiday garbage, or 3) recycle your tree in an eco-friendly fashion so that it serves the environment over the coming months, beautifying gardens and preventing land erosion.

We’re thinking you go with option three! And in support of our suggestion, here are some tips on how and why to recycle your Christmas tree:

Millions of trees are purchased each year, and rather than let yours die in a landfill, gift it back to the environment! 

Get your tree to a recycling plant or have it picked up (lots of municipalities will organize this for you).  Take off all the ornaments, lights and clips hanging on your tree and wrap it up. It will be chipped and ground into mulch that can be used for landscaping and other environmentally friendly and beneficial purposes.

You can also keep your tree (or at least parts of it).

Store your tree nearby and use the branches to cover plants in your yard that may suffer from wind damage and cold snaps over the next few months. The boughs will create a protective blanket over your perennials and fall flowers.

Donate your tree to the birds and the fish.

Stand it up outdoors and let your tree be a home for wild birds that help maintain the ecosystem in your area. Hang bird feeders from the branches to keep them coming back. Some cities will allow you to sink your tree in a pond or other body of water. Old trees can become homes for fish and other sea life and act as barriers to erosion.

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Happy Green Holidays from Just Energy!

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