Eco-Friendly Outings to Take With Family

The Last Hurrahs of Summer: Eco-Friendly Outings to Take With Family and Friends

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Some say August is the Sunday of the summer months – the last chance to enjoy the lazy days and time off. And while “Sunday Funday” and “August Fun-Month” just don’t sound the same to our ears, there are plenty of ways to have some last-minute, eco-friendly, end-of-summer hurrahs with your friends and family. Here are four of our favorite green outings that are perfect for the summer wind down.

Visit a Nature Preserve:

Once the weather changes, so does the natural world around us. All that lush green foliage begins to wither, sunny days wane, and animals head for warmer climates or into their caves to hibernate. Before the page turns on summer, spend a day at a nearby nature preserve, observing and appreciating the natural beauty of Mother Nature.

Drop By a Botanical Garden:

Most major cities tout one or more botanical gardens on their list of must-do’s, and as the weather’s still warm, it’s the perfect time to explore these serene sanctuaries. Botanical gardens are excellent places to learn about the region’s native plants, flowers and trees and how to better care for and protect the environment. Pack a picnic for a superb summer afternoon out.

Pick Fruits and Vegetables:

When searching for produce, locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables from nearby farms and gardens are your best bet for supporting the environment. Before the season ends, pick your own selection of fresh-from-the-farm items that haven’t been treated with pesticides or traveled long distances to get to your supermarket. Head to your local U-Pick farm (here’s where to find one near you) for a sustainable way to spend the last days of summer.

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Go Camping:

With the right eco-friendly supplies and a green game plan, a camping trip is the perfect way to usher out the last days of summer. Before you pack, take a look at our past post for Eco-Friendly Camping Tips to ensure a sustainable stay under the stars. And always remember to thoroughly clean up your campsite, ensuring that no waste is left behind.

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