The NFL Uses LEDs and Natural Lighting, So Should You

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You may have seen it. One-third of America did. Wasn’t it beautiful?

US Bank Stadium.

Net-Zero energy. 100% Offsets with renewable energy credits. Leading the sports industry in a state of the art eco-friendly infrastructure. This billion dollar sports venue with ETFE roof and LED sports lighting earned LEED-Gold certification has impressed sports fans nationwide.

How is it so Environmentally- Friendly?

The stadium brandishes the world’s largest ETFE transparent roof which lets in the natural sunlight and reduces the need for daytime artificial lighting. This reduces energy substantially in comparison to a retractable roof and its predecessor, the Metrodome.

        Source: US Bank Stadium

The shape of the building evokes a viking longboat with a lofted interior heat reservoir that melts and sheds snow build-up.

Finally, it has thousands of LED lights. In fact, it was the first stadium in the NFL to be built using a majority of advanced LEDs. LED lighting can save users up to 75% compared to traditional metal halide lights.


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How your Home can be like US Bank Stadium?

1) Go Natural

You may not have the ability to create a roof evocative of ice formations, but you can use natural lighting in your favor. Installing EnergyStar Certified windows or skylights to bring in more natural lighting helps reduce your artificial lighting consumption. This will fill your house with beautiful natural light and help save you money and energy.

2) Use LED Lights

One of the easiest ways to start saving immediately is to install LED lights throughout your home. You will pay for more upfront than a traditional bulb but can save up to 75% in lighting in the long run

You don’t have to be LEED Gold certified to start scoring with sustainability now.

Interested in learning more about sustainability? Visit our learning center for information about conserving energy.

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