The United Nations Climate Change Summit: What To Expect

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In the coming days, leaders from across the world will gather outside Paris for the The United Nations Climate Change Summit, also known as COP21 (which stands for Conference of Parties 21st meeting) to discuss fossil fuel consumption, limits on greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and to establish the framework for a binding, universal agreement on climate change.

It has been reported that if a successful agreement isn’t reached, the world could enter a very dangerous period in which climate change could potentially lead to extreme rises in sea levels (eventually leading to the disappearance of entire countries), increased wildfires, more severe droughts and the extinction of 30 percent of wildlife.

The Summit brings together business, finance and government leaders to discuss solutions for dealing with climate change. Speakers at the event include CEOs from top energy and environmental organizations, as well as scientists, journalists and politicians – from city mayors to national presidents.

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In meetings prior to the nearly two-week conference, world leaders (who have all been very optimistic about the upcoming event) concluded that they would like to see a few things happen at the Summit. The primary goal is establishing a universal and non-reversible agreement that limits greenhouse gases when possible, with review periods set up every five years. This will help measure and govern participating countries’ success at reducing and limiting carbon emissions. A second goal is to put in place a system to make sure all countries, developed or not, are treated equally when it comes to their environmental regulations and expectations. Thirdly, those meeting ahead of the Summit discussed contributions by all nations to the Green Climate Fund, which helps developing countries better deal with climate change.  Finally, in 2017 and 2018, a review will take place to ensure that all participants are honoring their commitments and cooperating successfully.

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