Tips for Simplifying and De-Cluttering This Spring

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Heavy coats and sweaters – you’re out!  Boots, gloves and mittens, mud, dirty tracks through the house – they’re all a thing of the past! Spring is finally upon us!  Longer days, sunshine, gentle breezes, flowers, and…oh yeah, cleaning. This year, let’s do more than just dust those old picture frames, let’s aim to simplify our lives and scale back on all of those things we no longer need, use or want. Here are a few tips for an effective spring clean that will move you into the warmer seasons with ease.

1) Get things out in the open.

If you move from a closed cabinet format to open shelving, you’ll quickly discover all those pieces you don’t need or use.  Take the plates, cups, glassware and serving pieces out and you’ll find it’s easy to discard the mismatched, slightly broken or never used items that haven’t moved from the recesses of your cupboards. The same goes for vases, decorative items and pots and pans.  If you take the idea to your closet, you’ll quickly ditch old sweaters, swimsuits, ties, belts, jeans from 10 years ago (you know you’ve got them!), etc. Here’s a roundup of how good open shelving can look. And if you’re ready to make the switch from closed cabinets to open shelving, here’s a quick video to help you DIY.

2) Make some extra cash!

Taking #1, above, a step further, go through your closet and drawers and eliminate at least 10 items you haven’t worn in the last two years. If you set a goal of 10 things, you won’t force yourself to get rid of pieces you actually use and wear, but you’ll do more than rid yourself of the two tank tops from three summers ago. If the items are in less than great condition, donate or throw them away. If they’re in good condition but just not your style, there are many online re-sellers that will help you quickly and easily sell your unwanted items.  You can also find local thrift shops and consignment stores for more expensive pieces.

3) Trash the trash.

Are there expired pill bottles and old cough meds sitting in your medicine cabinet? Jars of flour and sugar growing something in your kitchen cupboards? What about receipts from 2014 that linger in your purse and file folders of useless appliance warranties and magazines dated 2012 on shelves and coffee tables? Take a deep breath and head to the garbage with all these items.  Once they’re gone, you’ll find both you and your home feel lighter and less cluttered. Here’s a great list of 11 things you need to throw away and why.

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