Trains, Planes, Automobiles—Which is the Greenest Transportation?

Trains, Planes and Automobiles— Which is the Greenest Transportation?

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Traveling during the holidays comes with numerous headaches. Flights are expensive and overcrowded, lines are long, traffic gets backed up, everyone is in a hurry – and that’s when the weather cooperates!  Worrying about the environmental impact of your travel, however, doesn’t have to be another source of frustration. There are green ways to get home for the holidays, and we’ve brought together some of the best eco-friendly ideas for traversing the country whether it’s in a plane, train or automobile.

Fly Direct:

We’ve said this many times before and we’ll say it again – if you have to fly, go with non-stop flights, if at all possible. Planes burn most of their fuel during takeoff and landing, so the fewer jaunts up and down, the better.

For Longer Treks, Fly:

If your trip is longer than 500 miles, a direct flight is actually more fuel-efficient than driving all those miles.

For Shorter Excursions, Go with the Crowds:

A bus or train ride emits three to seven times less emissions than an airplane flight. Two people who take a bus instead of driving (even a hybrid!) will cut their CO2 emissions by half!

Pack Light:

Since Thanksgiving is less than a week away, hopefully you already have your travel plans in order and all that’s left on the to-do list is to pack up your festive sweaters and scarves. Save the environment by keeping some empty space in your suitcase. The lighter you pack, the less weight your mode of transportation has to schlep.  And lighter weight translates to lower fuel consumption.

Offset your Emissions:

If hybrids aren’t an option and taking the bus is out of the question, purchase carbon offsets or carbon credits. In exchange for cash, organizations (like Just Energy) will fund renewable energy projects to help negate some of the damage done during your journey.

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