Upcycling Projects for Outdoor Spaces

by | Energy Conservation

Your garden and outdoor spaces have likely looked the same for a long, long time. The idea of bringing in a landscaper or reworking the current outdoor design seems a bit too industrious (not to mention expensive). Is it possible to get an outdoor “facelift” without spending big bucks? We say yes! Scour your garage or the deep recesses of your closets and cabinets for items you no longer use and let’s get to work refreshing your patios and porches. “Upcycling” – repurposing items that would otherwise be bound for the trash and using them in a creative and/or practical way – won’t cost you a thing and is a green, eco-friendly way to change things up.

Here are a few of our favorite upcycling projects for your garden and outdoor spaces:

Re-Tool a Toolbox: Whether it’s an old, open, wooden tool tote or a rusted out metal box, old tool boxes make great planters for succulents or other small plants. Drill a few holes in the bottom to allow for water drainage.

Re-Frame a Bed Frame: That old twin bed frame that’s been sitting in your garage for three years (face it, no one’s going to take it off your hands) can now be put to use, no matter how rusted the metal is. Use the headboard and footboard as the frame for an actual flower bed or vegetable garden. Take the theme a step further and plant some herbs in the open drawer of an old bedside table.

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Re-Tile Scrabble Tiles: The game is a classic, but if you’re missing a tile or two from your old Scrabble game, use the remaining letters to spell out the herbs and vegetables you’re growing in your garden. Mount the tiles to small pieces of wood for unique garden markers.

Re-Wined a Wine Bottle: Attract beautiful native birds to your garden with a DIY bird feeder made from items on the brink of being trashed. An empty wine bottle, a few other small items you might have at home or can pick up on the cheap at the hardware store, and some bird seed will have your neighborhood feathered friends tweeting a happy tune.

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