Victoria Day: Easy on the Earth, Easy on Your Wallet

Victoria Day: Easy on the Earth, Easy on Your Wallet

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Just as Memorial Day signals the unofficial start of summer for Americans, Victoria Day is a notice to Canadians to kick off their winter boots and settle in for the warmer months. Many will choose to spend the long weekend at home, while others will head out on the road for a quick getaway. Whatever you decide, here are a few tips and ideas to keep your Victoria Day adventures eco-friendly and gentle on the pocketbook, too.

Picnic Like a Local: Whether at home or elsewhere, get outside and enjoy the warmer weather with a family-friendly (and budget friendly) picnic! Before you spread out your blanket, see what local goodies you can pick up. Local foods have traveled a shorter distance and therefore, have used less energy to get to you. Plus, shopping at a farmer’s market likely means your produce hasn’t been treated with pesticides and other chemicals. Make sure you use reusable cups, plates and silverware as much as possible, and always clean up anything you bring to your picnic site.

Take a Hike: Now that you’ve had a fulfilling lunch, continue your outdoor adventures with a hike along any of Canada’s beautiful hiking trails – a no-cost activity almost anyone in the family can enjoy. Help sustain those trails by staying on them – park directors design trails and footpaths to restrict traffic and control erosion. Also, resist the urge to take a flower or rock as a souvenir; not only is that illegal in many places, but it also takes away from the area’s natural beauty.

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Go For a (Short) Drive: If you’re really feeling the itch to get away, load the crew into the car for a quick weekend trip that will only cost you a tank of gas in terms of transportation fees (car travel, too, is much kinder to the planet than air travel). Here are a whole bunch of ideas for day trips throughout Canada that consume a minimal amount of energy. Remember to only pack the bare minimum, as adding less weight to the car will use less gas – as will turning on your cruise control function.

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