Ways To Celebrate A Truly Green St. Patrick's Day

Ways To Celebrate A Truly Green St. Patrick’s Day

by | Sustainable Energy

It’s nearly St. Patty’s Day.  As you lay out your green-influenced garb in anticipation of the festivities, keep in mind the other ways you can go green. Bring the “luck of the Irish” to the environment with these tips for a sustainable holiday!

Plant Something Green:  Spring is just starting to show her colors, and while this might not be a typical St. Patty’s Day tradition, it’s a great time to literally green your lawn or garden with a few small trees or bushes. You’ll be introducing that beautiful symbolic color to your outdoor spaces and doing a whole lot of good for the environment.

Eat Something Green: Hold the corned beef and just go with the cabbage. Add in other green-colored veggies, such as zucchini, broccoli and avocado, and do your best to source locally. A meatless diet is much healthier for you and also reduces the earth’s greenhouse gas levels.

Drink Something Green: If you’re planning on knocking back a few this March 17, have your bartender serve up what’s on tap.  Drinking from a glass bottle or aluminum can isn’t the worst thing you can do for the environment, but when you factor in recyclability and travel, tapping the keg wins out in the green scheme of things.

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Wear Something Green: Take your holiday garb a step beyond the traditional green-colored shirt or jacket.  This year, make sure your outfit is truly green…as in sustainable. Select sustainable clothing items that are made from recycled or organic materials, or better yet, shop secondhand or wear something that’s made an appearance in a previous year’s St. Patrick’s Day outfit.

Drive Something Green:  Whether your destination is the local pub, a St. Patty’s Day parade or a friend’s party, green your mode of transportation by taking a bus, train or head out on foot (take advantage of the slightly warmer weather!). Plus, shared, public rides are much safer on a day when most people will be partaking of their fair share of green beer.

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