What’s Your Energy IQ?

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So, you thought you were done with pop quizzes after high school, huh?

If you’ve been following us here at Eco-Centric – specifically our series on alternative/renewable energy sources – we’re curious about your energy IQ. Take our short quiz, below, to test your knowledge on all things renewable energy.

(Need to brush up on your clean energy skills? We’ll let you in on a little secret: All of the answers can be found throughout the Eco-Centric blog!

Give yourself 5 points for every “fill in the blank” question you answer correctly.
Ready, set, go!

1. Renewable energy differs from traditional energy because it is easily replenished and does not come from finite sources, unlike  ________ _________.

Solar Power:

2. PV Panels, short for ________ _________, are mirror-like panels that act as     conductors, taking in the sun’s rays, heating up, and creating energy.

3. Most solar panels available today have a life expectancy of between  _____ and _____ years.

4. One of the main reasons solar power has not yet been implemented on a large scale is because it is ________________.

Wind Power:

5. Wind power is actually a form of __________ _________, as wind forms from the heat of the (6) ____________.

7. Most wind power is generated by _________ ___________, which essentially act like giant windmills and produce energy as they turn. The largest of these produces enough energy to fuel nearly (8) ________ homes.

9. Globally, _________ is the country with the most wind energy capacity.

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10. Bioenergy consists of any energy that comes from _________ or _________ matter.

11. The largest/most prevalent source of bioenergy today is ___________.

12. Bioenergy is broken up into three major biomass energy technologies, including ___________, (13) ___________, or (14) ____________.

Wave Energy:

15. Waves, caused by tides (and ultimately the ________ ________), can be harnessed to create energy due to their (16) __________ ___________, or energy from motion.

17. One way of harnessing wave energy consists of placing __________ ____________ on the surface of the ocean.

Geothermal Energy:

18. Geothermal energy comes from the heat of the Earth, as suggested by its name, which comes from the Greek words for Earth (_____________) and heat (_____________).

19. Geothermal ________ ________ utilize a series of underground pipes, a heat exchanger, and an electric compressor to transfer and absorb heat.

20. __________ _________ ________ utilize hot water and steam to create energy and produce electricity.


85-100 Green Energy Guru: Wow, you’re a true green energy guru! Keep up the good work, and stay tuned with us to continually hone your alternative energy knowledge and skills!

65-85 Getting there!: You’re well on your way. Keep studying, and come back to take our quiz again after a little brush-up!

>65 Uh oh, it’s time to repeat “Renewables 101.” Looks like somebody needs a refresher course. Be sure to visit us often at Justenergy.com Blog to improve your clean energy knowledge!

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  1. Fossil Fuels
  2. Photovoltaic panels
  3. 20-40
  4. Either “costly” or “unpredictable,” or any form of these two answers.
  5. Solar power
  6. Sun
  7. Wind turbines
  8. 600
  9. Germany
  10. Organic/biological
  11. Wood
  12. Biofuels
  13. Biopower
  14. Bioproducts
  15. Lunar cycle
  16. Kinetic energy
  17. Electricity generators
  18. Geo/therme
  19. Heat pumps
  20. Geothermal power plants

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