When you’re expecting, one of your main thoughts may revolve around pink or blue… but what about green? When bringing home your bundle of joy, there are a few things to consider if you’d like to start off on eco-friendly footing.


An Eco-friendly Baby Shower

A great way to go green before your baby is even born: the eco-friendly baby shower!  When planning your shower, take into consideration the invitations, the refreshments, the decorations, etc. Evites are a great way to get the word out without printing and sending wasteful (and often expensive) invitations. For your decorations, get creative with objects/craft materials you have around the house and use flowers and small potted plants, instead of purchasing decorative paper and balloons.  For more helpful ideas for your green get-together, click here. And lastly, encourage your guests to use recycled wrapping paper and to carpool, too.

Down and Dirty: The Benefits of Cloth Diapers

The U.S. alone goes through about 18 billion disposable diapers every year, and 92% of those diapers end up in landfills. While cloth diapering may not be as convenient as disposables (and may take a little longer to get used to), the benefits are undeniable. Not only are cloth diapers exponentially less expensive than disposables, they’re much better for the environment. Some experts even claim that cloth diapers are healthier for baby, since they contain no by-products or chemicals. While cloth diapers require a few extra steps, we think you could get used to it… you’ll have about 7,500 diaper changes (per child) to perfect your skills!

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Organic Baby Food

If you eat healthy and organic, chances are that you’ll want your baby to grow up with the same nutrition habits. Keep an eye out for seals and certifications on your baby food to ensure “organic” authenticity, and note that organic food of any kind (whether for adults, children, babies or even pets) is almost always more expensive. It’s up to your family to decide if the health and environmental benefits are worth the extra cost.


Products & Toys

“Organic” can apply to more than just food! Did you know that there are a variety of organic products available for your baby? Everything from bedding and clothing to products and toys can be eco-friendly and/or organic. Consider asking your friends who live similar green lifestyles about their choices for the nursery, playtime, etc. Searching online and reading reviews is another great way to get feedback on the best products available.

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