Your Eco-Friendly Memorial Day: Top Tips

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Ah, Memorial Day! The unofficial start to summer and the official kick-off to barbecue, flip-flop and beach trip season. This holiday, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors the way Mother Nature intended—the eco-friendly way! And at Just Energy, we’re here to help you minimize  waste, pollution and other negative, environmental impacts.  Below, we’ve complied our top tips to go green this Memorial Day.

1. Use Gas on the Grill:

Opt for a gas barbecue grill instead of charcoal—you’ll be emitting half as much pollution. Plus, your food will cook more evenly on a gas grill and end up costing less.

2. Don’t Do Disposables:

Washable plates, cups, forks and knives give you more bang for your buck (you can reuse them for your future gatherings), and avoiding disposables means you create less trash – which generally goes straight to a landfill.

3. Green Your Beef:

Grass-fed beef uses 60 percent less energy resources than conventionally raised cattle. Grass-feeding also leads to decreased soil erosion, improved water quality and an improvement in your health—fewer antibiotics and hormones are given to grass-feed livestock and the meat has less fat.

4. Before You Beach:

We all live much closer to the beach than we realize. Something as simple as not “scooping” after your pet (even when he is on your own property) pollutes our beautiful beaches and water, as storm water runoff makes its way through a drain and eventually into the ocean.

5. Stay Off the Dunes:

There’s a reason you aren’t supposed to make sand castles in the dunes—sand dunes are natural protection for the area’s ecosystem and help stabilize the beach’s habitat, preventing against erosion and strong storm surges.

6. Use Safe Sunblock:

After you take the time to slather it on, most of your sunscreen will end up in the ocean. Make sure it doesn’t contain ingredients that will not only harm you, but also our waters and their inhabitants.

7. Bike Over Beach/Lake:

Don’t live near a beautiful beach or lake? That’s okay. Grab your bike instead and spend Memorial Day riding your favorite trail or city street. It’s a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to welcome summer!

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