Your Eco-Friendly Office Event

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If you’re planning an office party, business meeting or work-related event, you’ve probably kept to a budget and considered the company costs.  But have you thought through the environmental impact? Keep the carbon footprint to a minimum with the following ideas to make your office event more eco-conscious.

1) Cut out the expensive and wasteful printed invitations and send your guests electronic invites. You’ll cut down on your budget’s bottom line, make it easier for your attendees to RSVP and reduce all the extra paper, postage, travel and environmental costs associated with snail mail.

2) Skip the disposable plates, flatware and cups and use real (and reusable) dishes, silverware and glasses to avoid an overflowing trash can at the end of the party.

3) Decorate your tables with reusable or biodegradable materials. For instance, choose cloth table toppers rather than paper and use items such as flowers, plants, fruit (to be eaten or later donated) and beeswax or soy candles to embellish the decor.

4) Keep your bar green by purchasing environmentally-friendly spirits (made from natural, clean ingredients and packaged with recycled materials), recycling empty bottles and cans and making ice with ice trays (they use less energy than your freezer’s electric ice maker!)

5) Choose a caterer who doesn’t have to travel a long distance to get to your event and one who uses organic and locally-sourced products. This will lessen the greenhouse gas emissions normally created when food and people have to travel to their destination. Food items that come from a local farm or green market avoid the energy-draining trek to get to the party.

If you’re throwing a party in the conference room, turn off and unplug the computers, fax machines, copy machines and coffee makers in the offices. There’s no point in draining all of that energy while everyone is whooping it up and downing their (eco-friendly) cocktails.


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