Your Eco-Friendly Spring Soiree

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We’ve been cooped up indoors all winter long!  And now, springtime practically begs us to throw a party in its honor. Celebrate the warmer weather and outdoor season with a spring soiree that’s eco-inspired!

All fabulous events have four main elements:
1) invitations
2) a sweet table setting
3) decorations
and of course
4) food and beverages!

Here are great, green ways to combine all four without adding to the landfills, cranking up the carbon emissions or wasting energy.

1) Digital Invitations:

A proper soiree calls for actual invitations (no text messages, people!). But that doesn’t mean you have to send printed cards – which eventually end up in the trash and require delivery by carbon emitting mail trucks. Instead, seek out beautiful, online invitations that can be sent with the click of a button and minimal carbon output.

2) Linens, Porcelain, Crystal and China:

It’s not every day that we pull out the fun and fancy linen tablecloths, cloth napkins, crystal stemware and other reusable dishes and serving pieces. A spring soiree, however, is the perfect gathering to use your favorite items that won’t end the evening piled up in the trash. With minimal garbage accumulation, your event will not only look stunning, it will also be sustainable.

3) Spring-Inspired Decor: 

Any true-to-form, eco-friendly party calls for natural, green-inspired table décor and party details.  Forgo the plastic, store-bought table decorations and instead, step outside!  With the abundance of fresh flowers, small fruits, and lovely greenery and vines, the great outdoors is the perfect place to look for your decoration picks. Choose a few small stems and flowers placed in glass or porcelain vases or use one large leaf or palm frond dotted with fresh fruits or small flowers for an impressive, eco-chic look.

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4) Local Ingredients:

Spring’s bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables available at your local, organic market or farm stand is reason enough to host an affair to remember. Local produce is typically better for the environment, as it’s grown without harmful chemicals and doesn’t have to travel far distances to get to your table.  A casual evening with friends is an ideal time to try out interesting, refreshing recipes made from the season’s harvest. Get inspired by these 29 light, bright, springtime meal ideas.

Cheers to all the spring soirees that embrace an eco-friendly approach. We’re confident that these events will deliver on both sustainability and enjoyment!

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