Your Kids Summer Holidays: Keeping the Green in the Routine

by | Sustainable Energy

Summer is a wonderful time of year. Especially for children! They’re out of school – no homework, no uniforms, no early mornings and no more being cooped up in a classroom all day.  They’re able to enjoy all the beauty of Mother Nature, provided you can get them away from the TV and computer long enough to actually spend some time in the great outdoors. To help with that challenge, at Just Energy, we’ve put together a few ideas to keep the green in your kids’ summer routine.

Go Way Outside:

The backyard might get boring after a few minutes. Take your kids away from the house and really explore the outdoor activities and attractions your city or town has to offer. You could hike through a nature preserve, explore a butterfly garden, picnic at a botanical garden or hit a nearby pool or beach. Your kids will grow up appreciating the great outdoors and all that it has to offer, making them more inclined to take care of the environment as they get older.

Farm to Table:

Take your kids to a local farm to really show them where their food comes from. They’ll get to see how farmers work hard to use and preserve their land, only harvesting food when it’s ready, greatly reducing their environmental impact. Your kids will also learn which fruits and vegetables are native to your area and will appreciate how buying and using locally grown produce is much more sustainable and eco-efficient than purchasing imported goods.

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Pitch a Tent:

Roll up your sleeping bag and get your flashlights ready for a fun-filled, no-waste, super green camping trip! As you may have read on this blog last year, camping is a great way to teach your children about the environment, the significance of carbon neutrality and the importance of protecting our planet from carbon emissions, pollution and global warming. Always remember to leave your campsite exactly as you found it (no trash left behind), use electric heaters, lanterns and stoves as much as possible (gas versions release harmful CO2 emissions), and stay on marked trails and in specified camping areas, as this cuts down on erosion and destruction of the natural habitat.

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