As we settle into spring, it’s time to hop into the first major holiday of the season – Easter! Wonderfully festive and full of freshness, Easter is the perfect holiday for flexing your eco-friendly muscles. If you’ve just picked up pre-packaged decorations and treats from the store, however, Easter can quickly turn into quite the carbon creator. Instead, celebrate sustainably with our Eco-Easter ideas.

1) Easter Baskets:

Skip the wasteful plastic grass, sugary candy filled with artificial ingredients and the plastic eggs and imported trinkets that fill your kids Easter baskets. Choose real grass or tear up old fabric or newspaper. Make your own organic candy and treats, purchase local, handmade goods for fillers, and check out our next tip for cleaner, greener options to plastic eggs.  Finally, skip the basket altogether and use a reusable tote or ceramic pot that your child can decorate as a holiday activity and keep for future use (and a sweet memory).

2) Easter Eggs:

Plastic toy eggs are fun for the morning egg hunt, but what about the day after the holiday? Those same plastic eggs make their way to the trash and into a landfill, where they will remain for hundreds of years. Instead, opt for decorated pine cones, create papîer maché eggs, or use cloth, wood, or another more sustainable material for your Easter holiday fun.

3) Easter Brunch:

Instead of trucking the whole family out to a busy restaurant that serves massive portions (that will eventually go to waste), plan for a greener affair! Stay home and serve Easter brunch from your own kitchen. Organize your menu to avoid too many leftovers and employ reusable plates, flatware and table linens.  Shop locally and organically for ingredients, and stay away from non-sustainable, processed and pre-packaged foods.

4) Holiday Travel:

If your Easter plans include road travel or flying the friendly skies to visit friends and family, do what you can to green your travel. Traveling is one of the worst polluters out there, so take a look at our green travel tips for six ways to lower your journey’s carbon footprint.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, we hope you share the holiday with friends and family, enjoying the spirit of the season in egg-cellent, eco-friendly style.

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