Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Eco-Friendly Dating – Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just two days away, and we know what you’re thinking: Uh oh.The biggest date night of the year can be daunting for those of you who are trying to impress the perfect gift or date, especially if you’re also trying to watch your carbon footprint.

Last week, we covered some of our top tips for making the holiday of love a green affair. Below, find a few more of our ideas for an eco-friendly date night (great for any time of year)! Share quality time with your loved one, while helping solve global warming, too:

  1. Plan an organic picnic, complete with couple’s bike ride (weather permitting). A daytime outing to the local park with a home-cooked organic meal or picnic can be incredibly romantic! Complete the date with a bottle of local, organic wine or a decadent organic dessert.
  2. Find a local Farmers’ Market and set a date to visit. Men, we’re letting you in on a little secret: Women LOVE Farmer’s Markets! Make a visit to that market she’s been begging to go to, and offset your carbon footprint at the same time by eating local! Keep in mind that many farmers’ markets are only open on the weekends, so this may be an “IOU” occasion.
  3. Adopt an animal: Looking to take the next step in your relationship? Consider adopting… a pet, that is. Bringing a shelter animal into your home takes yet another stray off the street and they can be a wonderful addition to your family.
  4. Sign up for an organic or vegetarian cooking class. We all know that food is the real language of love. Show our planet some love while you’re at it: eating clean/organic is a great way to offset carbon emissions in your daily life.
  5. Get creative with “couples coupons.” Cliché as it is, a couple’s coupon book complete with promises for back rubs, movie nights, dance classes, etc., never loses its charm! Use recycled paper or, better yet, design something online to put a digital spin on an old classic.
  6. Plan a trip to a natural or organic spa. Melt the stress away with your special someone. Can anybody say couple’s massage?
  7. Sign up for a weekend yoga retreat. If you and your partner live an active lifestyle, a weekend away at a yoga retreat may be the ideal way to de-stress and spend some quality time together.

We hope these ideas take some of the stress off any panicked, last-minute planners… as well as our planet!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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