Eco-Friendly Summer Travel, Part 2: Your Guide to Keeping it Green

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As we reach the middle of summer, at Just Energy we hope that Part I of our Guide to an Eco-Friendly Summer offered you lots of ideas and shortcuts for the holidays.  And as promised, here are a few more tips for keeping the green in your summer vacation plans, with some information on eco-friendly destinations and accommodations.

Eco-Friendly Destinations

Truth be told, the most energy-efficient destination is your own backyard – the closer you stay to home, the fewer greenhouse gasses you’ll expend in transportation. That said, we’re all for stay-cations: explore your hometown like a tourist and check out local museums, parks and other attractions that you might have dismissed because, well, you live there.

If you’re gung-ho about getting away, look for a location where nature is the number one tourist attraction. Anywhere you can experience our planet in a somewhat primitive state is a good bet when it comes to preserving it. Hiking trails, campsites, natural beaches, nature preserves and rugged mountains are all good things to look for when planning your sustainable summer getaway. Looking for specifics? Check out these environmentally-friendly destinations, such as Yucatan, Mexico, Alaska, Costa Rica and Nova Scotia.

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Eco-Friendly Accommodations

As fun and luxurious as a hotel stay might be, (clean sheets everyday! fresh towels! free mini-shampoo! woo hoo!) they wreak havoc on your carbon footprint – think about the energy required to clean all those sheets and towels and the trash produced from all of those tiny toiletries. The good news is, as of late, many hotels are changing their ways and implementing energy-saving measures, such as fluorescent light bulbs, motion sensors on lights, linen cards and water-saving toilets, showers and sinks. Click here to see this list of 30 eco-friendly and stunningly beautiful hotels, or see if any of these accommodations a little closer to home might suit your next sojourn.

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