Eco-Friendly Summer Travel, Part I: Your Guide to Keeping it Green

Eco-Friendly Summer Travel, Part I: Your Guide to Keeping it Green

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Diets and healthy exercise routines don’t always go hand in hand with vacation plans.  Your environmentally-healthy habits, however, need not take a break when heading out for some summertime fun.  From transportation options to dining while traveling, here is Part I of your Guide to Keeping it Green This Summer. And remember, these tips aren’t just for your vacation – they’ll serve you and the environment well all year round, reducing carbon emissions and slowing down global warming.

Eco-Friendly Travel Tips – Car Travel

  • Keep your tires inflated; by doing so, you’ll improve your gas mileage by about 3 to 4 percent.
  • Reduce your speed by about 10 miles per hour and save 10 to 15 percent on fuel.
  • Pack lightly and don’t weigh down your car – extra bulk and heavy suitcases can cost you up to 2 percent on gas.
  • Stuck in a traffic standstill? Turn off your engine and avoid idling. You’ll be saving on gas and unnecessary emissions.

Eco-Friendly Travel Tips – Air Travel

    • If you’re able to make the choice, fly on a larger plane, as they consume less fuel per capacity pound-mile than a smaller one.
    • Fly efficiently!  Here you can check out the most efficient airlines, as per this 2013 study.
    • When using air travel, the best way to make your carbon footprint smaller is to take a non-stop flight. More emissions are expelled during take-off than in any other portion of the trip.  So if you can limit your take-offs to two (for a round-trip), you’ll be saving the skies from further pollution.

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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips – Dining

  • We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: No matter where you are, eat local! The shorter the distance food has to travel to get to you, the less pollution and carbon emissions are produced. Not to mention, you’ll get a more authentic culinary experience in your chosen destination.
  • Use the Eat Well Guide while traveling in the U.S. and Canada. Just pop in your location and you’ll get a listing of places offering up sustainable, organic and locally grown items.
  • And while you’re busy eating locally, drink locally, too! Beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages had to travel a distance to reach their destination, so sample the local spirits to cut down on the negative side effects of traveling.

For Part II of your Guide to Eco-Friendly Summer Travel, including sustainable accommodations and green destinations, be sure to check this blog in the coming weeks. And for more ideas and ways to celebrate the summer’s festivities the green way, stay connected to the Just Energy website and make sure to like Just Energy on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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