Environmental Community Service Ideas for Kids

by | Energy Resources

Last week on the Just Energy blog, we shared our favorite ideas for teaching your children how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle at home. Now it’s time to take those lessons into the community with environmental – related volunteer opportunities created especially for kids. Here are four great community service projects that will teach your young ones the value of improving their planet, while making contributions to the world around them.

Set Up a School Recycling Program: You’ve taught them the value of recycling at home, now have your kids bring those lessons to school to share with their classmates. Partner with a member of the faculty or administration and use these tips to get the program started.

Organize a Community Clean Up: Gather a group of little ones (and their helpful parents!) and head to your local park, beach, nature preserve, walking/hiking trails or town square to beautify the space by picking up trash that others have carelessly left behind. Here are some great ideas for a beach cleanup, which are applicable even if you don’t live near the ocean.

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Plant a Tree, Grow a Garden: Adding trees and planting community gardens transform both urban and rural ecosystems.  Among the many benefits of expanding our green spaces, note that new seedlings reduce carbon dioxide, increase oxygen levels and provide greater natural animal habitats. And while some planning is involved, planting trees and community gardens are terrific ways to get your kids involved in environmental appreciation from an early age.

Host a Vegan Bake Sale: With hundreds of sweet vegan treat recipes available online, teach your kids about sustainable cooking and baking habits. Host a bake sale and donate the proceeds from their efforts to the green charity of their choice. Talk to your children about the importance of charity and together with your kids, do some research to find a reputable earth-friendly organization to donate your time and money.

Community service is a wonderful way for children to learn about charity and giving their time to causes that support the greater good.  It’s also a terrific way for parents to share time with their children. For more ways to live a charitable, green and eco-friendly lifestyle,

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