Fun Summer Activities to Keep Kids Learning

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When the last day of school arrives, it’s safe to say both kids and parents breathe a sigh of relief. For a few months, there’s a break from early wake-up calls, struggling through carpool and staying up late to finish homework and projects.  Everyone enjoys a little more time to relax and a much-deserved respite from the grind of the school year.

Ask any teacher, however, and they’ll tell you they spend much of the first few weeks of school re-teaching students the things they forgot over the summer. To keep your children’s brains engaged and their math and spelling facts top of mind, try out a few of our fun summer activities that will keep your kids learning and prepared to head back to classes in the fall.

Get Cooking: Pick out a few recipes that involve measuring, weighing, or calculating time and temperature. Your children will have to recall some of their math skills to help prepare dinner or that special dessert treat. Cooking together also provides a great opportunity to talk with your children about healthy eating habits and food choices, where our food comes from and how it is produced.

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Play Games: Depending on your children’s ages, get the family together for a favorite board or card game. From Go Fish and Memory Match to Monopoly and Chess, there are a number of classic games that will teach your children to think critically and problem solve, while also keeping their memory recall on point.

Send Postcards: Have your kids write out postcards or letters to send to friends and family from wherever their summer travels may take them (remember to send kids to sleep away camp with paper, envelopes, and stamps).

Not traveling? They can write letters to their school friends they haven’t seen in a while or to family members who live elsewhere. They’ll be brushing up on their penmanship, spelling and storytelling skills.

Grow a Garden: Whether you decide to plant flowers, herbs or vegetables, gardening is an activity that allows children to see the proof of those science lessons. Spending time outdoors in a garden provides a terrific opportunity to teach children about the importance of clean water and air, healthy soil and maintaining a healthy planet.

However you choose to keep your children engaged and active this summer, we hope you do so with eco-friendly principles in mind.

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