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The Future of Renewable Energy

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Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine the world ten, twenty, fifty years from now.

How do you heat your home? What do our energy systems look like? How about our cars – how are they fueled?

In an ideal world, renewable energy will become the primary source of the planet’s energy, as opposed to traditional energy sources, like fossil fuels (which release harmful carbon emissions and pollution into the atmosphere).

So, what does the future of renewable energy actually look like? Time will tell – but these crazy, cool, new innovations may provide a glimpse into the future of renewables:

Solar Powered Panels that Chase the Sun

Genius in its simplicity, this new technology overcomes one of the biggest challenges facing solar power – clouds and inclement weather. These solar panels actually reposition themselves to soak in the most possible sunlight, resulting in much higher levels of efficiency.

Renewable Energy Future using Solar Energysource

Solar/Wind Hybrids

As solar and wind technologies continue to improve, scientists and engineers are experimenting with ways to make both more efficient. Bring on the superhero of renewable energy: solar and wind hybrids. This technology combines wind turbines with solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to produce higher levels of energy – and studies have found that they are nearly twice as efficient.

Energy From Unusual Sources

You’ve heard about energy from the wind, from the sun, and even from compost or other organic sources, but how about algae? It’s true – “algae energy” is a concept that scientists are currently developing.  Another awesome technology: these batteries made from wood (oh hey there, bioenergy). Color us impressed.

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Do-It-Yourself Renewable Energy

We dream of a world with solar panels on every roof, wind turbines in every backyard. Is this a realistic dream? Scientists and engineers are getting closer every day. Even today, some dedicated homeowners have taken pains to install their own personal systems of solar power to heat/power their homes – a trend we hope to see continue well into the future.

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What’s in store for the future of renewable energy?
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