Tips and Tricks to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

Tips and Tricks to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

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Set them free! Your outdoor orchids have been held captive indoors, safe from the frost, for months. But now, finally, FINALLY, it’s time to take them outside, along with the rest of your warm weather garden. Before you start tilling the soil, we’ve put together a few tips to get your outdoor space ready and in super spring shape.

  1. Get Your Tools Ready: Take the time to clean the tools that you will use to clear, prepare and plant your garden. Remember that dirty shovels, rakes, spades and trowels can spread fungus and insect eggs to the rest of your gorgeous garden. No thank you!
  2. Put Your Compost Heap to Use: Remember all those coffee grounds and Thanksgiving leftovers you let fuse into one wonderful trashy mess? Time to put them to use! Blanket your garden with a half-inch or more of compost to provide the soil with a nutrient-rich layer of organic matter.
  3. Select Local Plants: Just as buying local foods are better for the environment, native flowers and plants are, too. Indigenous plants are more attractive to wildlife, require less maintenance and can stand up to most local weather conditions.
  4. Start Seeding, The Green Way: There’s no need to go out and buy a fancy seeding kit to start your vernal plot. You likely have plenty of items around the house  – items that you planned on throwing away – that will work perfectly. A few pieces of newspaper, some cardboard egg cartons, egg shells, yogurt cups and empty toilet paper rolls will function as ideal seed starting pots.
  5. Soak, Don’t Water, Your Garden: Slow and steady wins the race and the same rule applies when it comes to watering your garden. Sprinklers and hoses waste tons of water and just deposit moisture to the top of your plants, allowing most of it to evaporate. Opt for a soaker hose that lets water get up close and personal with your plant roots.

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