Eco-Resolutions for 2021: Making the World a Greener Place

Eco-Resolutions for 2021: Making the World a Greener Place

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You can’t believe it?  We can’t believe it! It’s already time to prepare for 2021. As the door closes on 2020, we begin to mull over ways to improve our lives and meet our personal goals. If you’re like most, you want to work harder at giving back to others and to our planet. You can accomplish both of these aims by ticking off some of our New Year’s Resolutions, below, that will help you become a more eco-friendly neighbor and citizen of our shared world.

1) Get rid of plastic bottles for good!

Snag yourself a sweet, reusable water bottle (one that’s BPA free!) and fill up, rather than sending all that garbage to the landfill.

2) Quit it with all the paper coffee cups.

In keeping with number one on this list, stop taking a paper cup (and its accompanying disposable sleeve and lid) every time you go for a cup o’ joe. Arm yourself with a travel mug or cup to keep the fire burning on that (sustainable) caffeine habit.

3) No more plastic grocery store bags.

Keep a stash of cloth or canvas bags by the door or in your car for trips to the supermarket.

4) Cut back on all that paper waste.

A few very easy ways to do this include swapping your print newspaper and magazine subscriptions for the online versions, and opt for electronic bills and statements. For greeting cards and invitations, there are numerous sites for beautiful, digital creations.

Paper Waste Eco-Resolutions for 2021source

5) Go meatless at least one day a week.

Meat production takes a serious toll on the environment – responsible for 10 to 40 times more greenhouse gas emissions than the cultivation of fruits, grains, and vegetables. Cattle ranching is linked to deforestation; and other forms of animal factory farms produce tremendous amounts of sewage and have created antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, which result in dangers to human health and the environment.  Consumption of too much red meat is also linked to heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer and obesity.

6) When it’s possible, commit to walking instead of driving.

You’ll notice a drop in your gas bill, and possibly, the number on the scale.

Running for Exo Friendly Reasonssource

7) Commit to cleaning your home!

With eco-friendly, DIY, cleaning products, made without harmful chemicals.

8) Start your own garden!

Plant flowers, vegetables, herbs and shrubs for a more beautiful and environmentally friendly outdoor space.

9) Commit to enjoy the outdoors more!

Put down the smartphones and tablets and make a pledge to get outside and see more of what Mother Nature has to offer. You’ll be thrilled to reengage with all you’ve missed!

10) Resolve to read more (and do more) about climate change.

Educate yourself and others on what we can do to decrease (and reverse) the impact of global warming.

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