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Remember to Recycle Old Batteries

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One thing people often forget about when recycling household objects are single-use batteries. When you think about it, your home is full of batteries. No matter whether you’re looking at your TV remote, your wireless keyboard, the wall clock in your kitchen or the flashlight next to your bed, batteries are an underappreciated part of everyday life. It’s easy to remember to take out recyclable cans and old newspapers to the curb, but do you remember to recycle old batteries?

Don’t throw them in the trash

Many provinces throughout Canada, along with California in the U.S., have made it illegal to dispose of batteries in your regular trash. Not only are batteries full of toxic chemicals that could harm the environment if thrown away, they are recyclable. Instead of wasting material by throwing out old batteries, you can recycling them so they bring power to new devices.

The helpful organization Call2Recycle has made it easy to remember not to throw away old batteries. It has an easy-to-remember, three-step mantra: gather, locate and drop off.

Old Batteries Take to Eco Friendly Stationsource

Gather old batteries

To make recycling easier, gather up your old batteries over time. Keep a bag handy in your home, and keep it near your other recyclables. Whenever a remote stops working or a clock stops ticking, put batteries in the bag.

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Find a recycling location

Call2Recycle has a tool that can help you find a drop-off location near you. Navigate to and type in your postal code or zip code. If you live in a large city, finding a location is simple. If you live in a more rural area, check the closest town near you.

Take them to a designated site

Once you’ve found a place that accepts and recycles old batteries, find an eco-friendly mode of transportation. If you have a busy lifestyle, try incorporating the trip into your work commute. Since you won’t be recycling batteries every day, set a quarterly reminder in your phone to keep in check.

Recycle at work

If you’re a business owner or a manager at a local organization or corporation, and you’re looking for ways to help keep your fellow co-workers on top of their green resolutions, you can opt for The Big Green Box. This program, available in both Canada and the U.S., is easy to join. All you have to do is purchase a Big Green Box online, fill up the box with your employees’ or co-workers’ old batteries and ship it off. Recycling, both at work and at home, has never been easier.

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