Product Profile: EcoTourist Bundle from terrapass

Product Profile: EcoTourist Bundle from terrapass

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It’s officially summer and there’s nothing like hitting the open road or hopping a flight in search of unforgettable experiences. Traveling is one of life’s greatest rewards, but it’s generally recognized as one of the worst things for the environment. Between transportation, hotel stays, meals eaten out and souvenirs purchased, your carbon footprint expands tremendously in a short amount of time.

A round trip airline flight from New York to San Francisco releases about two or three tons of carbon dioxide per person, and a sedan driving from Montreal to Vancouver will emit about one ton of CO2. You can tack another half ton onto that number, simply by spending another $1,000 USD on hotels, food and beverage. It’s not a pretty picture, but it doesn’t mean you have to forego your highly anticipated holiday or business trip.


There are several things you can do to make your next excursion more sustainable. When booking a flight, choose routes that are non-stop. As most fuel is consumed during takeoff, the fewer takeoffs, the less fuel used and the less pollution created. If you’re driving, choose the most direct route (rather than the more scenic one), pack light as not to add excess weight to your vehicle and drive or rent a hybrid car, if possible. Always shop for food and snacks at local markets and seek out restaurants, bars and hotels that exercise eco-friendly practices. Take a look at our past eco-travel posts for tips on planning a last minute green escape.

In addition to the measures mentioned above, the EcoTourist Bundle from terrapass offers a solution that gives you peace of mind that you’re doing all you can for our planet. For one price, you’ll offset 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, or the equivalent of 20 hours of flight time, or 10,800 miles traveled by car. Your carbon offset purchase supports projects that create renewable energy, reduce waste, and destroy harmful greenhouse gases. You’ll also receive a digital certificate of your carbon mitigation, as well as an eco-friendly luggage tag to use on your next trip. Click here for more information and to purchase your EcoTourist Bundle from terrapass.

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